Vol. 27 Revive 

Wes Whitfield, Angela Iaria, Georgia Coldebella, Bella Mackey, Alex Longmire, Chris Ebbs, Sarah Layton, Lina Hawi, Amanda McMahon, Editorial, 3

Wes Whitfield, Top 30 in 1987, 10

Sarah Layton, Cultural Revival, 14

Angela Iaria, Untitled, 14

Ana Yael, Untitled, 16

Erich Fordham, First, We Make the Beast Marketable, 17

Georgia Coldebella, Untitled, 19

JAX NTP, Ovary Picking, 22

Christina Kallery, West Elm Catalogue, 23

Erin McIntosh, Nordic Poem Take, 223

Madison Griffiths, It'll Be Six Years Next Week, 24

Madison Griffiths, Dare to Imagine Us Without You, 25

Lina Hawi, Amioun, 26

Georgia Coldebella, Untitled, 28

Kathrin Henesta, Untitled, 30

Sunniva Midtskogen, The Redoing and Retelling of Stories, 31

Asha Ross, The Women's Project, 36

Catherine Willemse, Untitled, 36

Emma Jensen, Sober, 42

Andrew Roff, Else If, 48

Sarah Layton, Untitled, 51

Joe Baumann, Biters, 52

Sarah Layton, Untitled, 53

Walker Zupp, Kindness & Empathy, 55

Sarah Layton, Kindness & Empathy, 57

Lucas Grainger-Brown, The Spiders Needn't Win, 59

Sarah Layton, Untitled, 61

Jonathan Mendoza, Discovering Iceland, 64

Amelia Bensley-Nettheim, The Magazine as Gendered Artifact, 70

Sarah Layton, Untitled, 70

Helena Perez Garcia, Untitled, 74

Amber Bock, Uncle Gallipoli, 75

Seb Fowler, Untitled, 76

Eloise Grills, Body, 82

Katie Wilson, Untitled, 84

Amanda McMahon, Creating Communities Behind Closed Doors, 85

Kathleen O'Neill, The Ferry, 90

Georgia Coldebella, Untitled, 90

Lily Mei, Oranges, 92

Georgia Coldebella, Untitled, 92

Kathrin Honesta, Untitled, 93

Chris Ebbs, Environmentalism vs Equality, 94

Kathrin Honesta, Untitled, 95

Jessica Vorheis, Untitled, 96

Frances Goldman, Reviving the Mirriwoong Language, 97

Mirima Dawang Woorlab-Gerring, Untitled, 99

Bella Mackey, Watch Out For, 100

Sunniva Midtskogen, Review: Mort by Terry Pratchett, 104