Vol. 25 Equilibrium

Anna Collett, Emma Hall, Eloise Grills, Rochelle Liu, Olivia Tolich, Editorial

Kimberley Clemens, Aniscoria, 1

Michael Cooper, Slingshot, 2

Holly Pockets, Asking to be Fed, 5

tommy pg, Excerpt from Upcoming 2D Cloud Book, 10

Sarah Rice, Spirit Level, 13

Fikret Pajalic, Spider Tied Our Feet, 15

Safdar Ahmed, Without Contraries, 26

Stu Hatton, Nameless, 28

Dom Amarena, The Infernal Calculations, 31

Dali Lenoir Abraham, Kartini À La Lumière, 40

Jennifer Newhouse, Figurative Living, 42

Eddy Burger, The Round Table Dispute, 45

Justine Stella, Balance, 52

Bel Woods, Your Geographic Base, 54

Daniel Young, What He Left Behind, 57

Ivy Alvarez, Be Noisy: The Forest (Nagashima), 63

Emma Marie Jones, Bed-In 4 Peace, 65

Nattakarn Tancharoen, Too Young to Find the Balance, 76