Vol. 22 Hoax 

Zoe Antony, Chloe Brian, Patrick Coleridge, January Jones, Elizabeth Robinson-Griffith, Colleen Skerrett, Michael Wos, Editorial, 7

Ben Walsh, Eden, 8

Emmett Stinson, Essentially Counterfeit: The Abyss of False Bottoms in Wyndham Lewis's The Revenge for Love, 9

Amber Beilharz, The Wall, 19

Jessica Stewart, Silent Escape, 22

L.P. Tunis, Bedroom #43, 23

Brandon Pettit, Demystifying Man, 24

Martin Hirst & Kathryn Keeble, I am not a racist, but...': Free Speech, Racial Vilification and the Andrew Bolt Case, 25

Ben Walsh, Post Eden ,41

A.S. Patric, The Manx Heart, 42

Olivia Monaghan, Criminal Association in a Political Utopia, 47

Dali Abraham, La Rencontre, 54

Kate Whitfield, Libra, 56

Emma Lindsay, Sentinel, 62

Sonja Hornung, Matter Undermin'd: The Double Hoax of the Readymade, 63

Emma Lindsay, Simulacra, 78

L.P. Tunis, Kitchen #28, 79

Rae Walter, Cecilia Smiles,80

Jessica Stewart, There was a time when I lived in daydreams, 85

Gemma Mahadeo, Apres Sir Thomas Wyatt, 86

Daniel Davis Wood, The Disappearing of the Man Who Never Was: Washington Irving, Diedrich Knickerbocker and the Hoax that Launched the First American Author, 93

Prudence Blain, Gender trouble, 100

Amber Beilharz, Ghost Armour, 101

L.P. Tunis, Poolside #7102

Eddie Paterson, Real American Hoax: Karen Finley's The Passion of Terri Schiavo, 103

Raynor Kirkbride, A Wedding to Remember, FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE, 116

Claire Duffy, The Curious Mr Cameron, 118

Prudence Blain, Pusswah Willow's Friday night project, 122

Stuart Richards, Frameline's Conservative Hoax, 123

Brandon Pettit, Genesis According to Us, 140

Jessica Stewart, I ate my heart, 142

Dr Kit Messham-Muir, History's Actors in the Theatre of War: Images, Myths and the Frame in the War on Terror, 143

Ian C. Smith, A Girl, a Skull, Her Story, 156

Jessica Stewart, And that is how, late one night, jealousy and greed beheaded me, 157