Vol. 21 Futures  

Miles Allinson, Swansong, 7

Emily Bitto, Bethanie Blanchard, Editorial, 8

Atsushi Wada, Yearning, 10

Paul Carter, Archipelago: The Shape of the Future, 11

Elyce Phillips, Monday, 26

Marc Martin, Untitled, 28

Julian Novitz, Between Bildungsroman and Anti-Bildungsroman: Philip Roth, William Styron and American Holocaust Memory, 29

Sarah Holland-Batt, The Quattrocento as a Waltz, 42

Wayne Macauley, Decency's Grave, 43

Oliver Driscoll, When all else points to..., 47

Miles Allinson, Future Girl, 48

Blair McDonald, Death May be Something of the Past': Baudrillard and the Question of Human Progress, 49

LK Holt, Ballad, 60

Bindi Cole, Jemima, 62

Bindi Cole, Buffy, 64

Jirra Lulla Harvey, Sistagirls: A Reflection, 65

Bindi Cole, Laura, 68

Michael Farrell, brian rebuilds his life, 70

Lynn Pannell, Denis Devlin's Eiffel Tower: Modernist Futures, Fascism, and the End of Art, 71

Mandy Ord, A little push and shove, 82

Antonia Pont, The Yell, 83

Michael Farrell, reading shakespeare in shops, 86

Sanjay Fernandes, Detroit Techno: (A)history of Counter-Futures, 87

Chloe Wilson, Ivory, 100

Shaun Tan, The Gift, 102

David Sornig, People Get Ready: The Fiction Writer as the Maker of Maps into Uncanny Futures at a Time of Environmental Uncertainty, 103

Atsushi Wada, Analogy , 120

Elyce Phillips, Statue, 121

Michael Farrell, cloud 9, 125

Marc de Jong, Holdup 2, 126

Bonny Cassidy, Iron blow, 128

Camilla Møhring Reestorff, Rebranding Denmark: Pre-mediating Denmark's Future, 129

Miles Allinson, Rain, 142

Lou Smith, Cloudburst, 143

Jonathan McBurnie, Breakup Drawing No.87, 146

Bruno Jasieński, I Burn Paris, 147

Jonathan McBurnie, It's not an issue, 151

Jonathan McBurnie, Then he steals a car, then he goes to juvie – fucked for life, 154

Jonathan McBurnie, The southern half of the sky is burning as we climb through the sky, 158

Jonathan McBurnie, Skeletons (wedding fantasy), 161

Wayne Macauley, Four Anecdotes, 164

Emmett Stinson, Wayne Macauley The Space Between Things, 166

Zoe Dzunko, Twenty five, 170

Lou Smith, New Year's Eve 2009, 172

Laura Jean McKay, King, 173

Susan Pyke, Heathcliff's Howl: Post-Human 'Love' and the Eco-Divine, 177

Andrew Long, North Adelaide, 186

Alexis M Slade, Correspondence, 187

Ahmisa Timoteo Bodhrán, The Lover, 189