Vol. 20 Fear

Jane Eckett, Wendy Garden, Justine Grace, Nicole Hayes, Stephen James, Peta Mayer, Kasia Pawlikowski, Miranda Stanyon, Daniel Wood, Editorial, 7

Joanna Bourke, Fear-narratives and the History of the Body, 9

Joy Ladin, Disease's Gifts, 14

Johanna Skibsrud, The Emancipatory Imagery of Philippe Petit's Highware Act, Post-9/11, 15

Myra Valley, Plague In Absentia, 25

Jennifer Thorp, Sweden, 47

James Raynes, Playground Ghosts, 54

L.J. Maher, A Little Glass Booth: Auschwitz, Snow White and the Performance of Fear, 55

Joy Ladin, The Leopard, 72

Robert Nelson, Naked Fear: A New Chapter in the History of Anxiety, 73

Brett Harper, Fear Gifts, 91

Anna Terese Scheer, Don't Expect Too Much from the End of the World!: Christoph Schlingensief's Church of Fear, 92

Heather Sladdin Stuart, Cruci-fiction at Yatala Prison, 112

Chavawn Kelley, Gracie, 114

Daniele Pantano, The Fatalists, 116

Christos Tsiolkas, Fear Eats the Artist, 117

Jane Eckett, Geometry of Fear: A New Dimension in the Work of Three Australian Sculptors: Julius Kane, Robert Klippel, and Lenton Parr, 1945–60, 121

Heather Sladdin Stuart, Beastie, 140

Jodi Blokkeerus, In Search of the Paper Moon, 141

Anna King, Monologue of His Billfold, 142

Sue Michael, Before the Operation, 144

Kate Nash, Performing Autobiographical Documentary: Fear, Shame and Ethics, 145

Nicole Hayes, Today, 159

Dennis H. Lee, Shaky, 165

Anna Jacobson, Doll Awakenings, 166

Angela Meyer, In the Company of Fear, 168

Sayraphim Lothian, IIlnor – A Minor Collection of Unnatural History, 172

Brandon Chua, The Politics of Cowardice: Fear, Interest and Security in Aphra Behn's The Widdow Ranter, 173

Russell Helms, The Relic, 194

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, The Village Mongrels, 198

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, The Abandoned Woman in the Water Closet, 199

Natasha Carthew, House of Stones, 200

Joy Damousi, Fear: Its Past, Present, and Future, 201

Jonathan Norton, Footy Passions by John Cash and Joy Damousi, 214

Daniel Wood, The Reader edited by Dion Kagan, 217

Miranda Stanyon, Reports of Book's Death Greatly Exaggerated, 220

Justine Grace, The Garden of Paradise: Lyrical Eroticism in Nathalie Djurberg's Experimentet at the 53rd Biennale di Venezia, 223

Peta Mayer, Always Historicise! Anachronistic Production in the Penguin Decades, the '80s and Anita Brookner's Latecomers, 226