Vol. 19 Exhibitionism  

Peter Barden, Marilyne Brun, Penelope Hone, Jasmine McGowan, Vanessa Richards, Stephen Sheehan, Editorial, 1

Wendy Haslem, Exhibiting Minature Memories: The McCoy's Electronic, 7

Xavier Pons, Strutting One's Stuff, 14

Julian Murphet, The Visibility of the Hidden, 30

Stephanie Trigg, Medievalism, the Queen and the Dandy, 41

Fan Yang, The Politics of Exhibition: China's 'Fake' in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 56

Dion Kagan, Representing Condomless Anal Sex: Barebacking, Bugchasing and an Australian Case of Criminal Exposure to HIV, 71

Daniel Wood, A stain on the American Soul: Herman Melville's "Benito Cereno" as a Condemnation of American Slavery Legitimised by Manifest Destiny, 91

Emmett Stinson, Satirizing the Satiric Persona in Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey, 107

Martine Hawkes, Exhibiting Genocide, Disrupting Representation, 124

Nazanin Ghanavizi, Self-expression and the Exchange of Ideas: Iranians, the Internet and Blogging, 139

Dave Earl, Help for Children and their Families: Presenting 'Subnormal' and 'Spastic' Children to the Public in 1950s New South Wales, 154

Danicar Mariano, Filipina Subaltern Counterpublics Online: Identity, Community and Sexuality in Downelink, 166

Lyn Dickens, Fragmenting Feminism and the Familiar: the Death of the Universal Woman and the Process of Peace, 182

Ken Gelder, Subcultures, Maladjustment and the Problem of 'Revolt', 196

Helen Gildfind, Academically Speaking, 202

Angelina Mirabito, Cut and Paste, 205

Stephen Lawrence, Efface my Synopsis, 214

Jennifer Smith, Ruby Red, 215

Lou Smith, Gargoyles, 218

Cassandra Atherton, Core, 219

Sam Langer, Gorm Water, 222

Sam Langer, Summer of Basic, 223

Cassandra Atherton, Aubade, 224

Michael Farrell, desert leg, 226

Michael Farrell, youve shaved, 227

Michael Farrell, my dear watson, 228

Megan Hicks, Hard feelings, 229

Jay Daniel Thompson, The Trouble with Theory: The Educational Costs of Postmodernism, Gavin Kitching, 236

Amy Espeseth, Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems, π.o., 239

Vanessa Richards, The Sorrows of an American, Siri Hustvedt, 243

Stephen Sheehan, Romantic Cyborgs: authorship and technology in the American Renaissance, Klaus Benesch, 245

Peter Barden, Violence, Slavoj Zizek, 247

Emma Morgan, Home Lives: The Exhibition of My Familial History, 249