Vol. 18 Piracy  

Bao the Claw (Editorial Team), Editorial, 11

Jim McCormack, Music Piracy by the Book: Dictionaraoke and the Meanings of Popular Music, 15

N/A, The Competition Explained, 23

David Mence, Hamlet vs the Pirates, 25

Bjorn Nansen, I Go Chop Your Dollar': The Nigerian 419 Scam and Chronoscopic Time, 32

Justin Clemens, A Time to Swarm, and a Time to Die, 57

π.o., Vasso, 63

π.o., The Lounge, 64

Tammi Jonas, Essentially Cosmopolitan or Cosmopolitan Essentialism, 67

Jason Freddi, Hamlet and the Pirates, 76

Philip Neilsen, Selkirk the Pirate, 78

Michael Farrell, debit of a pirate king, 80

Nicole Heber & Michael Dieter, Paper and Pixels in Love: An Email Interview with Alessandro Ludovic, 82

Ross Moore, Nursing in the Outback: Infective Piracy as Colonial Device, 91

Jeremy Davies, No Such Thing, 114

Stuart Cooke, Riots in Rotten Hulls, 118

Stuart Cooke, The Wives of the Chariots, 120

Graham Chia-Hui Preston & Christine Harold, Our Space and Carl Wilson, Let's Talk About Love, 122

Nathaniel Tkacz, Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker, The Exploit126

Anne Brumley & Rachael Kendrick, J Eric Oliver, Fat Politics and Raj Patel, Stuffed and Starved, 131