Can you count all the possibilities between 1 and 0? When you’re dusting red earth off the old family Ford to reveal beaten white: machine shining, engine coughing. Curl your fingers and peer outside the frame. You’re in a Rothko painting, or maybe it’s Degas—the ballerina spins counter clockwise and falls down on the other side of the coin. Contra. Contrary to popular opinion I fall in love all the time. With ze, xe, zir, him, her, they are all part of this body’s geometry. I only watch anti-establishment horror stories where the monster is everyone else. Can you hear that sound? Water dripping in the cave of creation, gurgling into the radio static of shocks jocks selling #pizzagate and Capitalism is the system for you. Making complex systems to break complex systems. My moral compass points due South of my polarised newsfeed, and as we hit our zenith, the last chunk of polar ice crumbles to nadir.

At Antithesis we’re pros at contrast but this year we want to see the shades of human in between. This year our theme ‘Binary’ aims to explore points of difference in a society where difference is seen as defining. We believe that there is an infinity of possibilities between black and white.

We want to publish work that falls between the cracks of traditional genres. Give us your fiction and fiction-comma-creative-non and narrative-non and is-this-even-fiction-is-it-poetry. We’re excited to see work that explores the many perceived dualities in our society, so send us your most esoteric, theoretical story, or your pulpiest, most rollicking romp of an essay. We’re keen to read it.

We’re especially excited this year to be expanding the number of academic articles we publish, so if you’ve got an interesting research piece that speaks to our theme we’d love to hear from you.

We are currently accepting:

·      Academic essays 3000–5000 words

·      Nonfiction and Creative Nonfiction

·      Reviews

·      Short Fiction

·      Poetry

·      Graphic Narrative and Comics

·      Artwork

If you feel like your work doesn’t fit into one of these categories, good! Find something close to your work and submit all the same, our categories aren’t definitive.

To read the submission guidelines and submit, head here.

Submissions close on 22 June.