Submit your work for Antithesis Vol. 29

Tell me of blood that is thicker than sawdust, the creaking bonds of a family tree uprooted. You sink your teeth into the promise of eternal paradise, of glinting idols raised on high while the fervour of a thousand acolytes thrums from below. Henotheistic, polytheistic, we follow the ancient texts into a desert of fandoms and fan armies. Our Father, give us this day our vegan bread. When you shake the dust from your prayer mat, you find yourself in a sanctuary of glass and domes; a Nick Cave album glints amid shiny books of 1s and 0s. Long live Kim Kierkegaardashian. Did your devotion creep up on you, or did it consume you in a rush? Was it pressed upon you, or were you called by Siren song? Devotion is walking to the ‘G on a Friday night wearing your brother’s colours around your neck. The mutual breathlessness of waking up and falling asleep beside. Five-hour waits for a glimpse at an all-teeth smile, bordering on glass. Balenciaga sneakers stitched together from infinite pay cheques. A second coming, or just coming home. What drives you? What reels you in? What brings you to your knees and sets you alight? Tell me about shame, about love, faith and obsession. Tell me about devotion.

This year at Antithesis, we’re meditating on devotion and its many iterations. We’re excited to explore work that reaches deep into the mire of the human condition, from philosophical treatises to avant-garde works of fiction. We love to publish pieces that fall between the cracks of traditional genres, so give us what you’ve got. We’re keen to read it.

Submissions for the journal are currently closed.

Submissions for the blog:

We accept year-round submissions for our blog, and are interested in timely or topical content with a strong angle that is relevant to our readers.

  • Creative nonfiction

  • Fiction

  • Poetry

  • Reviews (books, films, exhibitions, performances, etc.)

  • Artwork (paintings, drawings, photography, digital art, comic art, graphic narrative, etc.)

We encourage submissions from writers and creatives who are queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, age, ability or gender. You do not need to be a student at the University (or at all!) to be published in the journal. We welcome submissions from writers and artists both established and emerging.

Send us your pitch or full submission to We’re keen to read it.