Vol. 23 Live 

Joshua Arandt, Daniela Cortés del Castillo, Christopher Edwards, Toby Miller, Shivaun Plozza, Andrea Von, Scott Wark, Laura Elizabeth Woollett, Foreword, 5

Antonia Pont, Live Scholarship: Ontologies of Grammar and Originality, 7

Martin Kovan, The Open Ground (Saw Music), 29

Ahmisa Timoteo Bodhrán, Arse Poetica, 32

Ahmisa Timoteo Bodhrán, as if we were ever of the class to be buried in pyramids, 33

Ahmisa Timoteo Bodhrán, binary, 34

Laura Elizabeth Woollett, Manchester 1963: A Romance, 35

Simone Gustafsson, Live and Make Live: The (Re)Animations of Topsy the Elephant, 37

Dorothy Simmons, Prognosis, 54

David Goodwin, Cosmic Puppeteers, 55

Annerliegh Grace McCall, Memory of S/kin, 56

Danushka Silva, The Divide, 58

Lynn Thomson, Untitled, 65

Colleen Skerrett, Origami, 67

Anna Parry, Beezlebub's Pup, 81

Marcella Polain, The Curtain Man, 85

Stephanie Dickinson, Jean Seberg Live: From An Interview With Jean Seberg, 91

David Haworth, Art Forms in Nature: Musings on Nature, Art and Science in the Illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, 96

Sari Smith, Alice: From A Dinner at the Hyperion, 105

B. R. Dionysius, Doppelganger, 110

B. R. Dionysius, Yeronga, 111

Daniela Cortés del Castillo, The Body, 112

Stelarc, Alternative Anatomical Architectures & Actions: Chimeras Without Heartbeats, 120