Antithesis is a refereed arts and humanities journal edited by graduate students and published annually in association with the School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne. It is the oldest graduate student-oriented journal in Australia. The journal publishes a mixture of:

·      Academic essays

·      Nonfiction and Creative Nonfiction

·      Reviews

·      Short Fiction

·      Poetry

·      Graphic Narrative and Comics

·      Artwork

Whilst Antithesis is run by graduate students for graduate students, there is a long tradition of publishing works by established scholars, writers and artists from around the world. Along with many others, the journal has published works by Joanna Bourke, Christos Tsiolkas, Terry Eagleton, Gore Vidal, Stephen Fry, Delia Falconer, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Ghassan Hage, and Slavoj Zizek.

Our Committee

  • Managing Editor:
    - Sunniva Midtskogen

  • Designer:
    - Amie Green

  • Editors:
    - Sarah Layton
    - Bella Mackey
    - Stephanie Lightfoot
    - Jacinta Dietrich
    - Ellie Atack
    - Grayce Arlov
    - Daisy Feller
    - Alison Tealby
    -Beth Wentworth
    - Jessica Darnell
    - Sophie Raphael
    - Ellen Muller
    - Coral Huckstep
    - Bren Carruthers

  • Production & Sale:
    - Lucy Mackey
    - Stephanie McClelland

  • Events, Marketing and Website:
    - Samantha Mansell
    - Brooke Munday
    - Clarissa Lancaster
    - Emily Badge