Vol. 28 Binary

Sunniva Midtskogen, Editor's Note, 1

Indigo Malatt, Strange Nostalgia, 2

Zara Sullivan, Untitled, 2

Angus Mclinn, Points of Reference, 4

Julia Justo, The Executive Meeting, 9

Zoe Stephens, Untitled, 10

Julia Zhou, Pathlights Home, 10

Zara Sullivan, Untitled, 12

John (jackjohn) Morrison, Breaking Through the Glass Cathedral: Making LGBTQI+ Christian Marginalities in Melbourne and its Surrounds, 12

Laura Jean McKay, A 'Very Important Chimp': The Species Binary in Benjamin Hale's The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, 22

Claudia Chew, Untitled, 33

Corey Hill, Whale Watching, 34

Ilsa Harun, Untitled, 34

Leah Oats, Transitory Spaces, 40

Aneta Zeleznikova, I feel humbly. I feel awake. I feel cold. I feel high, 42

Mara Davis, Feeling Good?: Pride, Shame, and Being Australian, 46

Caleb Triscari, Untitled, 47

Nasos Karabelas, Deformed Bodies, 57

Georgia Wilby, The Clock Tower, 58

Brooke Van der Linden, Untitled, 60

Anneliz Marie Erese, Strawberry Perfume, 60

Ilsa Harun, Untitled, 66

Elizabeth Flux, How to Build a Eurasian Wardrobe, 66

Alexandra Garrett, Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson and Quiet Originality, 69

Caleb Triscari, Untitled, 72

Laura Pettenuzzo & Denna Healy, The Ties that Bind, 72

Luke Collato, Untitled, 78

Michael Plater, Man is Not Truly One, But Truly Two': Jack the Ripper, the Divided Self and the 'Other Within' in Late-Victorian Culture and Society, 78

Luke Collato, Untitled, 88

Stephanie Tell, Odd Birds of a Certain Feather': Queering Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Through a Destabilising Third Desire, 88

Jessica Darnell, Let's Schematise the Whole Thing and Focus on What Makes a Good Essay': Inside Australia's Creativity Crisis with Robert Nelson, 96

Luke Collato, Untitled, 105